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Invisible Connection

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Notifications and email alerts seem to be the new method of communication amongst millennials and quite frankly, the rest of the world. Progressive and technologically advanced methods seem to be the driving force in a society that no longer takes a particular interest in manufacturing. Although technology in tandem with the way we use social media has some major downsides it does not affect the invisible ties we all have.

Some can argue that social media has been a detriment to the younger generation, but it also has major upsides. Streaming a show like "The Chosen", is a great example of how the people are in control of watching content they wish to see. This bypasses the need for hollywood executives to give the greenlight to begin production. These shows were made accessible to me at the click of a button and reminders are sent via email. Notifications sent directly to my device are the ultimate fail safe just in case I accidently sent the email into the trash. These technological advances are a daily reminder of how far communication has come.

The pandemic really kicked things into overdrive as far as online communication and left many with very little options on how they would function in a society that encouraged minimal contact. Like many, I worried about the impact of having less physical contact with peers, family, ect. "The children!"; I thought about my own child, and his inability to learn from the social struggles that exacerbates every child's rite of passage. These are essential moments they can never get back. Luckily, the children of my time are not like the children of this current time. In ways they are leaps and bounds ahead in terms of communication. Gaming software, video chats, cellular devices, are no strange feat for the youth of today and for this I am grateful.

Tonight happened to spark great inspiration within me as I realized we are not so far from each other once our spirit is activated. As Dallas Jenkins, the director of the crowd funded series, The Chosen, read testimonies from fans I could feel the sentiment, appreciation, and humbleness in his voice. I knew this show was a great deed but this live event filmed thousands of miles away from me still spoke volumes. There is a clear distinction in this man just like there is a clear distinction everytime I meet people who have been activated.

Magical thinking is what most who have not been activated might surmise it to but I challenge my readers to have and open mind. To truly think freely is to think for oneself.

Activated?, you may question.

Jesus Christ mentioned he would leave behind the comforter, which is the holy spirit. Many Christians identify these qualities amongst each other. So it did not matter that Dallas live streamed this event thousands of miles away. For me, he was in that room. I could identify the Holy Spirit within him because as I watched him holding back tears, I could feel the love, humility, thankfulness and most importantly the inseparable bond we all share when we activate the spirit of Christ within ourselves.

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