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Our Pastor

Pastor Joseph A. Rizzolo, B.Th


Pastor Joseph Rizzolo specializes in the teaching and preaching of God’s word, as well as providing spiritual encouragement to God’s people. He has been associated with various denominations throughout his life, including experience in the Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, and Independent Fundamental Baptist denominations. Losing Your R3ligion currently identifies as non-Denominational. 

He formally obtained a Bachelor’s in Theology and uses the tools he learned in tandem with various philosophical approaches for a well-rounded proposition in regards to interpreting scripture. This background has equipped him to better serve the community.

This Ministry serves non affiliates in areas such as officiating weddings, presiding over funerals, baby dedications and spiritual counsel.

"It brings me great joy to dive deep into the Scripture. Our God has granted me an opportunity to operate through this platform, I look forward to the many blessings that he has in store for us." -Joseph Rizzolo, B.Th

Joseph was born in Newark, NJ and currently resides in Franklin his with wife, Natalie, and son. His ‘walk with God’ has been more like a trek, navigating rugged terrain, as most can relate. He has had many spiritual encounters, both Godly and ungodly, that shaped his perspective on how he views God and the Bible. These viewpoints encouraged Joseph to pursue a truth that brought him exponentially closer to his calling.

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